Careers Programme Information


Where can I find advice about different careers?

The government has a very useful website about different careers.

In addition, the government has a careers guidance hotline on 0800 100 900 which is open from 8am to 10pm from Monday to Sunday.

This website includes a quiz which asks students questions and then suggests career areas they might enjoy based on the answers they give.

In school students are provided with information in their PSHE lessons and assemblies.

Students and their families can also make an appointment with Mrs Grayson, the Careers Coordinator, to discuss career ideas and pathways.

Outside of school students can contact Harrow Youth Stop.



What are my options after Year 11?

In the UK all young people have to remain in education or training until they are 18.

Students can choose from one of three options:

Information about sixth forms in Harrow (including the application process) is available here.

Our school Sixth Form opened in September 2021, details about our Sixth Form can be found here and further information is available from Mrs Goderska (Assistant Headteacher: Head of Sixth Form) and at our annual Sixth Form Information Evening.

All secondary schools and colleges in Harrow work together in a partnership called the Harrow Sixth Form Collegiate. This allows students to choose from many different courses and means they can also study courses that are not available at their ‘home sixth form’.

Different courses will have different entry requirements (entry requirements are the GCSE grades you require to be able to do different courses)

For example:

West Herts College in Watford

Uxbridge College

Barnet and Southgate

An apprenticeship is where you work for a company as well as undertaking further training.

Information is available here

Click here for the application process

Additional opportunities are available here

A summary of the different options available locally after Year 11 can be found here



What is included in the Whitefriars Careers Programme?

Year 7

In Year 7 students explore their skills and interests in PSHE and find out more about different careers and the pathways available to them in the future. Students are encouraged to get involved in the extra-curricular activities available at school as a way of developing their skills and interests further.

Year 8

In Year 8 students explore the idea of what makes a person successful in life and employment in PSHE. Students hear from external speakers in assembly and take part in a careers challenge day in teams within their form groups.

Year 9

In preparation for Year 9 Options, students undertake a series of in-depth careers lessons in PSHE and are made aware of a wide range of sources of information available to support them with thinking about their future pathways. In lessons curriculum staff inform students of how their subject relates to careers beyond the classroom. As part of Year 9 options all students have a 1-to-1 meeting with a member of SLT about their options and future career ideas.

Throughout Year 9 there are also targeted events and curriculum related trips for students that are linked to careers.

Year 10

In Year 10 work experience is undertaken in the summer term. Included in this programme is a talk for parents, advice about careers and an opportunity to work with local employers for every student. During this time students develop their CV writing and interview skills.

Throughout Year 10 curriculum related trips linked to careers continue and the school takes part in the annual SheCanBe event which encourages young women to consider careers in the City of London.

Year 11

In Year 11 all students receive a bespoke careers interview with a careers guidance officer from Harrow Youth Stop or the Careers Coordinator. Students receive 1-to-1 support with completing applications for their future pathways.



How can I contact the careers leader?

For more information about any aspect of careers education at Whitefriars School please contact Lucy Grayson, Careers Coordinator via the school office ( or via telephone (020 84272080)



How do we measure and assess the impact of our careers programme on pupils?


We work closely with the Enterprise Coordinator for Harrow schools who provide us with feedback.

We use the Gatsby Benchmarks to help us evaluate our programme.

Our internal evaluation is based on ensuring that every students accesses all the information they need and thus enters the correct pathways once they leave Year 11.



When is this published information next reviewed?

Our programme is continually being updated and will next be reviewed on 1st April 2021.