School Meals

We encourage your son/daughter to purchase a main meal at lunchtime from our school. All our food is freshly prepared by our resident chef. Your child will be able to choose from a variety of options, including meat and vegetarian. All the meat is halal. The cost is £2.25 per day and includes a main meal and a dessert.

In addition we also serve a variety of snacks and other food items:

Bowl of Salad £1.00 Lunch
£1.80 Break and Lunch
Wraps £1.65 Break and Lunch
Bowl of Mixed Fruit £1.00 Break and Lunch
Bowl of Pasta £1.60 Break and Lunch
Chicken Wings £1.40 Break
Jamaican Patties £1.60 Break
Samosas £1.60 Break
Cakes / Muffins / Biscuits (Low sugar) £0.70 Break
Yoghurts £0.50 Break
Healthy low-sugar drinks £0.80 Break and Lunch

Please pay in advance for meals using parent pay. Please log in using your username and password and you will be able to deposit funds into your child’s account. If you are unsure of your parent pay username or password, then please contact the school reception. Students will not be able to buy items from  our dining room without money on their account.

Students entitled to free school meals receive an allowance of £2.25 per day to purchase a main meal at lunchtime or a baguette or wrap at breaktime or lunchtime.  If students wish to purchase additional snacks or drinks at break time then please top up your ParentPay account.

Alternatively your son/daughter may bring a packed lunch. Please can this contain healthy items only and not items with too much free sugar. Chocolate, sweets, fizzy drinks and energy drinks are not suitable for a packed lunch.



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