White Noise

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Hello and welcome to the very first Whitefriars radio programme coming from our brand new Radio Station, White Noise and because it’s our first we have packed plenty in!

Listen now and hear why Mr Grys was begging for money, what’s happening down in the woods and the views of a famous poet, an illustrator and a rapper, along with much more.

Everything in our programme was made by our own Whitefriars students, for our students and it has been researched, written and presented by: Annamaria, Arhan, Ayesha, Eva, Hikma, Laura, Nicoletta, Stephanos and Zaki.

The number in the square bracket indicates the start of each item so that you can go back to your favourite bit!

  • Mr Spruce talks about Jane Ray: What is her association with Whitefriars and why is her work so special? [0.31]
  • Interview with Jane Ray: We were very privilged to spend some time with the famous illustrator to find out what makes her tick [2.23]
  • Sports Roundup: We cover the new girls football team and the very popular House Table Tennis Competition, interviewing some of the students who took part [8.57]
  • Poetry Week: We celebrate Whitefriars first ever poetry interviewing performance poet Ash Dickinson and discovering what he inspired some of our students to do [17.11]
  • School News: Mr Spruce explains what’s going on in the forest and Mr Grys tells us how Whitefriars students and teachers raised over £140 for a very good cause. Finally Solomon tells us where the inspiration for White Noise comes from and the great prize he won.
  • Y.O. time: The school was visited by Lamborghini driving rapper Y.O. who was interviewed by our students a soon as he stepped off the stage. As a bonus feature don’t miss out on our own Eltjon spitting some bars back at Y.O. [28.58]

Now settle back and enjoy the ride! Please feel free to feedback your thoughts on the programme:radio@whitefriars.harrow.sch.uk

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White Noise Programme 2

Hello and welcome to programme 2 brought to you from White Noise, our Federation Station.

In this programme we will be talking about issues from bullying to Shakespeare. Find out why we suddenly had to accommodate an extra 300+ children in our school, we Meet the Teacher and find out a little more about Mr Cuesta and his love for football. To round all this off we visited our rock band during rehearsals to see what they are getting up to.

Everything in this programme has been researched, written and presented by our own Whitefriars students.

The number in the square bracket indicates the start of each item so that you can go to your favourite bits.

  • Bullying: Samsoor delves into the subject of bullying, talking to teachers and students to find out about their experiences and views on the subject. [0.11]
  • School News: Sean and Eva interview Mrs Spruce, Headteacher at Pinner Wood School, about why they had to move from their school to Whitefriars over night! [7.30] Also Sean and Eva also talk to some of the Pinner Wood pupils to see how they feel about their move to Whitefriars. [14.45]
  • Meet the Teacher: Zaki and Arham talk to Mr Dupont to find out a little more about him and his hopes and aspirations for the future. [16.40]
  • Anamaria wins Borough Road Safety Poster Competition: [23.54]
  • Sports News: Ms O’Dwyer talks to some students about their experiences at Borough Sports. [24.26]
  • Interview with Mr Cuesta: Lara and Nathan speak to Mr Cuesta about football and which famous team he played for in Spain [28.46]
  • Year 7 visit the Globe Theatre: We catch up with Year 7 students after their trip to the Globe Theatre and join them in an English lesson practicing their Shakespeare. [33.49]
  • Rock Band: We meet the students from the rock band at their After School Club and hear their rendition of Zombie by The Cranberries. [38.04]

We hope you enjoy our programme! Please feel free to feedback your thoughts on our programme or any ideas you may have for future programmes to: radio@whitefriars.harrow.sch.uk Thank you.